For the premiere of comedy-action film, Red 2, Shaw Theatres in Singapore offered a limited edition agent set. This set for 2 is priced at S$60.

Take a look at what is included in this set:

  • 2x Red 2 premiere tickets
  • One bowl of free flow premium cocktail nuts
  • 2 glasses of red/white wine
  • 2x Red 2 T-shirts
Be a Secret Agent with Red 2’s Limited Edition Agent Set

Be a Secret Agent with Red 2’s Limited Edition Agent Set

This set is indeed worth the money and is suitable for any Red fan, ready to catch the premiere of the sequel to the first film.

More about this limited edition set..

What we would like to focus on in this set, is the T-shirts which are offered. This is because a T-shirt can be worn over and over again. Moreover, T-shirts are a highly recommended promotional gift. Let me tell you why.

Firstly, T-shirts have a long product life. They can be worn many times and usually last a few years before they start breaking. This will constantly remind the user of the movie. It will also remind them of Shaw Theatres, who distributed the limited edition gift. This will help to increase brand recollection.

Secondly, T-shirts are a great advertisement tool. People tend to look at other people’s clothing. Hence, when the T-shirt is worn out, it will gain attention from passers-by. This will help to advertise all the brands that are on the T-shirt. This helps your brand to gain public exposure at a low cost.

Thirdly, T-shirts provide lots of branding opportunities. Brands can be printed anywhere on a T-shirt, and big logos can be printed as there is plenty of space. As compared to small promotional items like pens or pouches, the branding opportunity is much greater on T-shirts.

One pitfall of T-shirts as a promotional item is that you cannot cater to every customer. As everyone has a different clothing size, it will not be possible to make sure that every customer receive a size that fits him just right. Even though free size can be used, people on the extremes of the sizing scale might not be able to use the promotional product.

However, a limited edition T-shirt is a great promotional item that should be used by any company.