Mug PWP is what people are silently looking forward to. Branded mugs have more appeal than ones from the stores. Isn’t it that some even personalize their own coffee mugs? Similar ideas do apply here with this promotional Liverpool Football Club mug as part of their 2011 Asia Tour.

Spotted at VanGO - Promotional poster for Liverpool FC's Mug PWP

Spotted at VanGO – Promotional poster for Liverpool FC’s Mug PWP

Liverpool FC’s Mug PWP

Liverpool FC has had highly successful pre-season tour in the Far East. They round up Asia tour with a thank-you gift to Hong Kong fans.

For every HK$20 purchase of beer, customers receive a Liverpool branded mug with an additional HK$39.90. This purchase with purchase and gift promotion occurred in collaboration with VanGO.

Unfortunately, Liverpool did not visit Hong Kong this time. Yet, they made sure that their fans there were not forgotten.

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Mug PWP from Liverpool FC – Limited Edition “Asia Tour”

Branded Mug PWP Benefits

  • Strengthens Fans’ Interest. This is a simple gift to extend the prestigious club’s thanks and appreciation. Nevertheless, it gives HK fans hope that they’ll see their football heroes soon. This is what keeps most fans going. At the same time, it may also make them interested in other collectibles from the brand. It can mean more of Liverpool FC’s merch will be sold out.
  • Leaves an Impression. Promotional products are often the best way to connect emotionally with the target audience (fans). A tangible souvenir like this leaves a lasting impression. The people will remember the club more now every time they see the branded mug. Who knows, maybe they’ll even strive to watch football in their home field.
  • Increases Brand Value. For the real fanatics, PWP is not a huge issue. It is okay for them to shed out more cash, as long as they get a branded item from their favorite FC. It actually increases the significance factor of Liverpool FC in their eyes.

Football and other sporting merchandise are really popular promotional merchandise ideas, so feel free to contact us here at ODM for more ideas on how you can create your own sport promotional item.

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