Promotional Shaker as a GWP - Super Soy Milk

Promotional Shaker as a GWP – Super Soy Milk

In this case, promotional shakers have been included within this promotion as a giveaway for customers.

Gift with purchases, giveaways or on pack promotions are becoming really common within brands and to gain a slight competitive advantage we need to be more exclusive in the kind of promo gifts we include.

Super, a pioneer in the 3-in-1 instant coffee concept in Malaysia, is currently running a GWP promotion. Purchase a pack of its organic instant soy milk powder and get a promotional shaker.   We love the idea of offering a promotional shaker since:

  • Promotion Synergy – the powder itself needs a catalyst like a shaker or stirrer to prepare for consumption
  • Convenience in preparing soy milk on the go. Extremely useful for parents to feed their children/babies
  • Great Logo Positioning – High Visibility when used outdoors
  • Soy Bean Indicator – informs users what water level to stop at before shaking
  • Green Carabiner Feature– Improves portability, allowing recipients to hang the shaker over bags.

Why promotional shakers?

If they could only offer a similar promotional shaker for their instant coffee line, the brand would be able to better reach out to a different market segment (working professionals etc.) altogether. See Reflex Instant Shaker for a high quality shaker and how we are able to make this high end.

Here is a perfect example of a simple idea achieving fantastic results; in relevance and functionality. 

A Cheaper alternative to promotional shakers could be promotional stirrers

Customize your promotional shakers according to the materials / designs you want to be able to differentiate against your competitors!

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