Loacker is offering a Limited Edition Loacker Glass as an in-pack promotional gift with every purchase of Loacker Napolitaner and Chocolate.

Loacker Gift with Purchase: Limited Edition Loacker Glass

This promotional gift increases the perceived value of the package, hence enticing potential customers to buy both Napolitaner and Chocolate waffles.There are 4 designs of the mugs to choose from and the characters are prominently printed on the glass. This reflects the fun-loving brand personality of Loacker.

However, ODM feels that the Loacker logo can be printed on the glass to increase brand awareness and enhance brand recall every time the glass is used. This limited edition glass is definitely effective in compelling potential customers to make impulse purchases which will increase sales for Loacker.

What do you think of this promotion? If you’re interested in customising your own promotional glass to enhance the visibility of your brand, feel free to contact us for more information!

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