We attended a Microsoft Advertising event recently and they gave out a phone charm with a tiny USB key with 4 Gigabytes of memory.  The memory card has a tiny metallic body – very durable and portable.    This is definitely a very innovative way to appeal to consumers as a gift – for more impact clients can upload some content onto the memory.

Ever realized that memory devices with capacity such as 256mb and even 512mb devices are diminishing in the market? ODMasia receive many enquiries on storage devices of below 1Gigabyte and for the first time this week we have had factories reject orders due to low stocks of memory under 1 GB due to relatively low demand and stocks.

Recall the days when 3 ½ floppy disk and basic writable-only CDs were in use?   One can certainly feel the ever-so rapid pace of technological evolution throughout the years just by looking at the usage of these simple memory devices. Rewritable and writable-only, CDs and DVDs have sprung up in the market, with more functions and capacities. Now, even newer forms of storage devices such as thumb-drives, memory card and Blu-rays are developed to boost both convenience and portability further. Therefore, what are your views on the upcoming promotional storage devices in this compatitive technological age?