Dixy, a Russian chain store, has launched a new promotional campaign titled “Champion Quality” in collaboration with Procter & Gamble. Simply send the company cheques for 2000 roubles or more to redeem this great backpack.

Promotional Backpack

This promo is interactive because it engages customers in the redemption process. However, a little bit of branding could be done: the backpack has no logo on it. By placing it, Procter & Gamble could have increased brand recognition and the promotional backpack could also be a free advertising in the long run, since it is a durable product.

Still, the backpack significantly increases the perceived value of the bought goods, as it is very useful. And the timing is also perfect: during summer, backpacking is really popular in Russia. What is more, the title of the promotional campaign sounds really catchy and appealing, reminding customers that the promotional products are of “Champion Quality”.

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The Russian translation of this post for our Russian followers:

В рамках новой совместной акции от компании Procter & Gamble и сети магазинов ДИКСИ «ЧЕМПИОНСКОЕ КАЧЕСТВО» Вы получаете шанс выиграть промо-рюкзак. Акции будет длиться до 31 августа 2012 года включительно. Для участия необходимо приобрести товары Procter & Gamble в сети магазинов ДИКСИ на сумму 2 000 рублей или более. Для получения приза необходимо отправить чеки с указанием покупок по адресу 117342, г. Москва, а/я ДИКСИРюкзак достанется первым 3 000 участникам.