Last week, one of the leading Russian oil companies RosNeft has launched a large-scale promotional campaign that will last till 31 January 2013. Those who own a RosNeft discount card have a chance to get various promotional gifts if they have enough bonus points. Bonus points may be awarded for purchases of petrol or other goods offered at RosNeft pertol station shops.

One will be impressed at number and variety of the promoitional items RosNeft is giving away. There is something for everyone: car owners, the target clients, will certainly go for a driving license case or car wash wipes:

Driving License cover and Wet Wipes

For those who travel a lot by car RosNeft offers a rug in a case or a travel pillow:

Travel Pillow and Rug in a Case

If you like practical gifts, then you will definitely like a bright mechanical umbrella or a 4 GB USB Flash Drive:

USB Flash Drive and Umbrella

And there are lots of other great promotional products you can easily receive.

Promotional Gifts by RosNeft

You have probably noticed that all the promotional gifts are similarly designed, they come in same colours and all have a smiley face on them. What could be added is the company logo to increase brand recognition.

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A couple of words about this promotion for our Russian followers:

15 июля 2012 года стартовала новая промо-акция от компании «РосНефть», в рамках которой все обладатели карты лояльности смогут получать промо-подарки. При покупке топлива или других товаров и услуг в сети АЗС/АЗК НК «РосНефть», на вашу карту начисляются бонусы, которые Вы сможете обменять на различные промо-подарки. Каждый найдет подарок по душе, ведь их разнообразие и количество действительно впечатляет.