There are so many promotional gifts to hand out that companies running promotional campaigns always need new innovative promo ideas. How about giving out kites as your next GWP campaign or as a gift from a sponsor of an important event?

Kites can be great promotional tools, let us explain to you why.

  • Very visible in the outdoors since they are flown high in the sky. When people see kites they have a tendency of looking up at it, this will offer brand visibility to your company.
  • Just look at the Themes and emotions they evoke:  Fun / Outdoor / Sport / Summer /Holidays /
  • Kites are very inexpensive to manufacture – they are usually made of PE plastic and some rope. Very low budget unit cost is always a top concern when selecting which promotional product will be chosen for the campaign.

Promotional Kites

Another great characteristic of kites is that they are highly customizable.   As you can see from the picture above many companies have branded kites with company names and logos. The characteristics of a kite make it very easy for it to fly in the sky. There are numerous shapes of kites that all function very well.

Kites can be a fun promotion for any company that wants to highly customize their promotion for it to resemble their product. As you can see above the “Coca Cola” bottle kite is an immediate eye catcher to anyone walking in the park or beach seeing this kite from far away.

Kites are very easy to customize in any color or shape, the large very large area  to print logos and brand names as well. They are usually flown in parks or beaches, or any large open space, the kind of area where there are many people around on a nice sunny day. This will offer great visibility of your brand if one family brings there kite with a brand such as “Coca Cola” or branded for any other product or consumer good. Kites can be used as promotions for supporting a sports team as well, a kite can be given out after a victory of a local sports team.

Make sure you think of using kites as promotional items next time you are brainstorming for your promotional campaign.

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