Mexx in an international fashion company that designs clothes and accessories for men, women and children. Over time, Mexx has grown to become an international brand with over 800 stores in 55 countries. The brand has a strong marketing with many promotional products. Mexx is running a promotional campaign at the moment, offering a promotional note pad for their customers in Russia.  A promo gift note pad is a great way to advertise your services, your products or company in a highly cost effective manner.

Promotional Note Pad by Mexx in Russia

Promotional Note Pad by Mexx in Russia

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If your company decides on promotional note pad, why not consider promotional pens to give away. Promotional pen is a perfect marketing tools for all businesses, from the start-up business to the large company.

Now it is time to give our Russian readers a brief summary of this post:

Не пропустите возможность получить в подарок стильный блокнот от компании Mexx. У красивого, стильного блокнота больше шансов стать эффективным рекламоносителем. Небольшой, удобный блокнот для записей необходим везде: в офисе, в деловой поездке или на семинаре. Использование блокнотов с корпоративной символикой в качестве рекламных сувениров, становится все более распространенным явлением.