ODM is counting down to 2012 and to welcoming the New Year.

Promotional Products 2012

Thinking of holding a party?  Maybe you might have giveaway gifts for family, friends & clients.. Here are some ideas!

1. New Year Cards

Personalize your New Year cards and give it a personal touch to your recipients. Often the best well to express greetings as one can easily jot down their thoughts before mailing it out! Good for invitations to New Year parties as well!

Cheers to the New Year!

2. Champagne Glasses

Holding a company countdown? A glass of champagne to welcome the New Year is certainly wonderful! Customize your own champagne glass with your company’s logo on it.

You may also pre-pack it as a gift for your fellow employees, wrapping it a nicely decorated box giving out a professional flavour to it.

cool isn't it!

3. Party Spectacles

Ever thought of having a spectacle themed party? The 2012 specs looks interesting isn’t it! Getting everyone into the theme and mood to count down to the New Year, and of course looking good in all photos.

This item helps one to recall what event they attended and acts as a remembrance that they attended a New Year Party!

Kick start 2012 with a nutritious meal...

4. Breakfast Box

Begin 2012 a healthier way and surprise your employees with a nutritious breakfast box! Following the shape of the pyramid, interesting way to categorize bacon, eggs at the top and toasted bread at the bottom.

Acts as a motivational tool and keep smiles on their faces on the first day of work.

In addition, customize your breakfast box with your logo such as the one here. Recipients might start packing their own lunch with this box in future, and with the logo, it would earn you some advertising credits as well.

5. Flashing LED Items

On New Year’s eve, everyone would be waiting for the clock to strike 12am, and at the same time dim the lightings for the fireworks display. Usually celebrated with a glass of champagne and whistles. How about something more fun, exciting, and lifts up the spirit be it in the house party/pub/restaurants? These LED flashing items definitely do the trick!

  • Ice Cubes

Common items such as mini table wax, candles are often used in pubs/restaurants to give out a more romantic feel and provides a dim lighting. Something different that we came across is the LED Ice cubes. They are not generally used for consumption but acts as a source of light and decoration as well. Different colours are available and customize them accordingly to your party theme now!

  • Personal Fans

At a countdown event with thousands of people, no breeze, no fans and lots of perspiration? A LED personal fan is the right item you’re looking for! It may be just an ordinary fan, but the flashing red lights featuring “Happy New Year” changes everything. It shows involvement in the event, captures attention, and easily used as a promotional product to advertise your company as well. 

With the addition of the LED shot glass, it is definitely a perfect combination to go together with the LED ice cubes as mentioned earlier. Now you don’t have to worry about finding your shot glass in the dark, and in addition you would be able to differentiate them amongst others with the different LED colours!

  • Rings

LED Rings are very popular during countdown events, parties and etc. Serves like a disco light and combination of different colours when worn on the fingers shines out beautifully. It goes really well with photos, simply use the rings to outline a word and DSLR cameras would be able to capture it, displaying a huge contrast on the LED colour of the ring as well!

A must for a party!

6. Party Danglers 

Something that cannot be missed when you’re holding a party. Getting everyone into the spirit makes the countdown party more lively! Danglers are perfect to decorate the place and adds colour to the whole atmosphere as well.

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