When it comes to alcoholic drinks, the Swedish cider brewer, Rekorderlig, certainly knows how to make a show out of a promotional event. Here are some pictures from their winter cider launch where cool promotional products were used to launch their new drink.

Rekorderlig Product Launch Event

The event was held in a cool bar with pine trees and masses of wooden chips strewn across the floor. The scent of wood also created the right atmosphere.


Rekorderlig Wooden Glas Stand

They serve their drinks on specially made Rekorderlig timber holders, which are of course branded to enhance brand awareness.

Rekorderlig Wooden Menu Card

Rekorderlig Wooden Menu Card

Another really cool promotional product at the event was the menu card, which was made of wood and branded with logo. The card is bind with leather straps which makes the product really interesting!

Rekorderlig Drinks Straw

Rekorderlig Drinks Stick

They also used wooden drink sticks, which again were branded with the logo. It could have been better if they used figurines shaped like their bottles. That would be definitely even more eye-catching.

Rekorderlig Drinks Stand

Rekorderlig Cider Stand

Finally, they also had their logo prominently placed at the front of their cider stand. Don’t you think it is a good way to heighten brand awareness?

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The pictures are taken from Rekorderlig’s Winter Forest Pop-up Bar at Belgian Beer Cafe by Rekorderlig & Exposure PR.