ODM staff will be visiting the “Shenzhen International Leather Fashion Exhibition” (Website in Chinese only) which is taking place from 12-14th August 2010.

It was designed to expand the domestic China market and act as a business platform for the industry.   Positioned as a leading regional fair for fur garments, leather, handbags, luggage, shoes and fashionable accessories, this exhibition will focus on integration of the supply chain – from the creative design process to consumption.

Shenzhen’s unique industrial structure and location in Guangdong, make it a key supplier for China’s footwear & leather products.  Some key brands on show will include Belle, Hasson, COBO , Alida, Wealthy, O Deli, DISSONA, when U.S. cents, SASA, dense Si Luoni, race camp, horse-day slavery, Dani, Race School, Annunciation angel, Cardin slave, Miyuki, Hua-day slavery , Beijing fur, Jinbao Na, NBL, Batu, the poetry Yu, P. ROSSA, silver fir, Giorgio, gold Marseilles, Malaysia-day slavery, Luo Saite … …

China has become the world’s largest fur producer and exporter of products.  For fur products, it also happens to be the world’s most promising consumer market. After years of development, China’s fur industry gradually formed its own characteristics, in the international market to have an increasingly important role. With the rapid development of the global economy, the international fur industry is experiencing an unprecedented strong momentum of development.

This is link to the website in English using Google Translate.