Although UEFA Eurocup has come to an end, DON SIMON, one of the leading brands of Spain is still offering a football promotion.

Don Simon Soccer Ball Promotional Gift

In order to get this soccer ball, simply visit Don Simon’s website and play its game. Get your creative juices flowing with originality as you attempt to describe the range “Tinto de Verano” (Summer Red Wine) in one sentence. The winner of the game will receive an authentic soccer ball made of leather as well as a bottle of wine!

ODM feels that this interesting game will be more efficient if this promotional gift was proposed in conjunction with the UEFA Eurocup. What do you think?

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Below is a summary for our Spanish readers:

Aqui tenemos la Empresa DON SIMON (muy famosa por su Vino envasado en brik) proponiendo a sus clientes una pelota de futbol de cuero. Para participar al juego sobre la web de DON SIMON solo hay que describir en una palabra los vinos “Tinto de Verano” ! El ganador recibira la pelota de cuero y cada botella de la gama Tinto Verano. Para mi, eso es una oferta promocional muy interesante…