Here is an interesting promotion for those who loved the Brave movie! This amazing computer-animated 3D film produced by Disney and Pixar was released only two weeks ago in Russia, but it has already won over lots of fans!

Brave & Timotei Joint Promotion

Timotei, a well-know hair care brand, is holding a promotional giveaway – Brave Movie umbrellas and plaids. To redeem these, you need to have a certain number of promo codes, which are unique codes you’ll find on participating product packs.

Taking into account the popularity of the Brave movie, the use of the Brave licensed characters will undoubtedly make the promotional gifts into incentive products. Promotional campaigns of such a kind not only help to drive sales, but also make it possible for companies to obtain their customers’ personal information for future uses (eg., subscription to a company blog).

Timotei & Brave – Umbrella and Plaid

Last but mot least, co-branding (in this case, Brave and Timotei) is a good way to maximize marketing efforts.

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Here’s a brief summary in Russian:

Новая промо-акция от «TIMOTEI: Раскройте тайну красивых волос вместе с
Timotei!» порадует поклонников мультфильма Храбрая сердцем, ведь в рамках этой акции можно получить в подарок зонт или плед традиционной шотландской расцветки, а действие мультфильма происходит именно в Шотландии. Данная акция направлена на популяризацию товаров «Timotei», на привлечение внимания покупателей к продукции и стимулирование потребительского спроса.