Looking for a unique gift for your clients, something they can use every day.

How about these Boxer shorts – the ones below designed with lots of kisses but we can help you create fun and different designs to theme. It will definitely be a funky valentines’ gift and Boxer shorts are a popular undergarment worn mainly by men.

When choosing a promotional gift it is important to know more about the different types of materials in order to customise and cater to your target market and style.  This promo can be really excellent for cheeky promos targeting younger audiences.

Boxer shorts are available in white and solid colors including pastels, and come in a variety of patterns and prints. Traditional patterns include “geometrics” (small repeating geometric designs), plaids and vertical stripes. Additionally, there are innumerable “novelty” boxer short patterns.

Produced using various fabrics such as cotton, silk, lycra, spandex and nylon, you can choose the material that best suits your body type. Some people are allergic to cotton and some get irritation and itching with nylon. In warm climate, people prefer cotton underwear. During cold climate, try out wool and lyrcra material.

Boxer shorts are very creative promotional gift with purchase as they are able to attract your consumers immediately, they create brand awareness and serve as a good advertising tool!

Men have very few options in style, design and fit. Hence, Boxer shorts with logo printing will help to increase the perceived value of the item. Be it simple or complex design, Boxer shorts can be easily customized to meet your preferences and budget. Contact ODM to help you design the best underwear at low prices.