With all the skin cancer awareness campaigns throughout the world, clients are becoming very much more conscious of the dangers related to sun exposure.   We have decided that it would be good to offer this product as an optional extra for our Sarobag, indeed for all our range of Summer Promotional Products these could be offered as on-packs or GWP

Whilst the digital meter gives you an accurate reading for the amount of sunshine over a few hours, if you wish to offer your clients a similar but simpler UV measuring gadget.  We suggest the UV meter card, simply a UV sensitive strip which changes from white to a shade of purple when exposed to UV radiation.   It is much cheaper than the previous UV meter and can be incorporated more easily on garments.

Ultra-Violet meters make a perfect promotional gift for your customers and really show you care about their wellness.   Key advantages…

  • help you regulate your sun exposure and reduce risk of burning & associated skin cancer by measuring the intensity of ultraviolet light
  • small and light -can easily by carried in a handbag or a beach bag.
  • very innovative gadgets, unisex and for and all age groups.
  • Easily customizable in shape and design with your colors and logo.
  • electronic version warns you when your risk of sunburn becomes high through a count down and an alarm sound
  • electronic version also very easy to use: the device is equipped with an on/off button, and only needs to be directed towards the sunlight for a few minutes. A 4 AA classic battery is required

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