The abstract of a patent is a part of the written application to patent office.   The abstract is a short summary of an invention (written in one paragraph) that goes at the beginning of the application.

The information an abstract contains is a condensed version of your patent where you abstract, or take out the essence of your invention in a description.  See our Mindsparkz division for more info.

A brief abstract of the technical disclosure in the specification must commence on a separate sheet, preferably following the claims, under the heading “Abstract” or “Abstract of the Disclosure.”

The purpose of the abstract is to enable the Patent and Trademark Office (and the public generally) to determine quickly from inspection the nature and gist of the technical disclosure. For this reason it is limited to 150 words.

Mindsparkz also offer a Prior art or Patent Search.   Such a service is invaluable before spending the time and money to file a patent.

For an example see Chinelas Patent Abstract