Another amazing promotional product by Jameson. After offering these Promotional Shot Glasses, this famous whiskey brand offered “PU leather” card holders as giveaways in bars for each shot of whiskey bought. This one is a St. Patricks Day promotion in Hong Kong.

Promotional Item - Jameson Card Holder

It is a very simple promotional gift, easy to customize with your brand logo embossed on the leather.

What we really like in this promotional merchandise is the fact that it is useful, very easy to carry when you are in a night club, not expansive to produce but not cheap-looking for the client and visible in the long run.

It’s the perfect gift with purchase for people who like to carry their business cards, credit cards and receipts when they are going out. Even if, at first sight, a card holder is not directly linked to a bottle of whiskey, both of them can be used (or consumed) in a night club, so it is a good complementary product anyway.

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