Customers who bought a Hovis loaf of bread in the UK could enter a competition to win a free Russell Hobbs toaster. This promotion is terrific since it brings two branded companies together in order to promote their respective products, bread and toasters, which go perfectly together.

Free Russell Hobbs Toaster for the purchase of a Hovis Loaf of Bread

Both companies decided to join force for this promotional item and to market the great synergies their two products offer to one another! The clients who are buying their loaf of bread will be immediately drawn to this fantastic promotion, it may entice certain of them to change bread brands and prefer to purchase Hovis bread in order to attempt and win a free 4 slice toaster!

The customers who see the promotional message in the supermaket need to go on the Russell Hobbs website and answer one question, what was the launch year of the Hovis mascott? The winners will receive the free gift if they are residents of the UK and over the age of 18 years old.

This is a great promotion since the product being given away to the customers is of great use in the kitchen. The individuals who win the toaster may switch their preference for Hovis bread after receiving a free toaster.

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