Have you ever wanted to save the labels from your favourite bottles of wine?  Stamp collectors have long had access to scrap books but up to now there was no solution for wine bottles due to the difficulty in removing the labels from the bottle. This is our solution and is now sold in 15 countries world wide.


Inside Wine Album, you will find:

Index Page that provides a space to stick the label collection

Comment Page serves as a biography for the wine, marking down the details relevant to the bottle as well as personal notes.

Envelope with stickers to remove the labels from wine bottles.

A simple user manual is included in every Wine Album to give wine enthusiasts a guide on how every label can be removed in an instant.


Steps to perfect labels:

1. Use a dry cloth, wipe the wine label and bottle to remove any dust.

2. Remove the plastic film from its support.

3. Apply the plastic film on the wine label you wish to remove, making sure that the label is well covered.

4. Using a cork or utensil, rub the plastic film to remove any air bubbles, in particular around the label’s edge. Wait for one approximately minute.

5. Starting from one side of the label, remove the film firmly and at regular pace, making sure that the entire label attached properly.

6. Place the film with the label on its dedicated page in your album. Finish with your personal notes on the opposite page.

We will develop more wine related products and launch in the Mega Show in Hong Kong next October.