If you love reading, you’ll love this promo gift. With every purchase of “Revenge Wears Prada”, the sequel of international bestseller book and film “The Devil Wears Prada”, customers are entitled to a complimentary tote bag. This tote bag is black in colour and is branded with a picture related to this series of books. This promo gift can be found at any Times bookstore across Singapore.

A Promo Gift by Times to Feed your Love for Books

A Promo Gift by Times to Feed your Love for Books

Times bookstore is a chain of bookstores across Singapore and Malaysia  specialising in English books. Since 1978, they have been catering to the read needs in these two countries. They provide a wide variety of products catering to people from all ages and walks of life.

How this promo gift can be used

When customers receive the tote bag, they will use it. This tote bag is perfect to fit books and many other items and can be used when going out. And because it is black, it matches almost any outfit.

When customers bring this bag out it serves as a form of advertisement for the book. People will see the branding on the bag (A bag provides a lot of branding space!), and they will come to know about this series of books. This will entice them to head down to the bookstore to purchase the book and receive the gift.

Also, when customers use the bag, they will be reminded of the book. This will encourage them to make repeat purchases from Times or they will be loyal supporters of this series of books.

How to make sure that your promo gift works

There are just a couple of steps to take to ensure that your promo gift benefits your company.

Firstly, choose a promo gift relevant to your target market. In this case the target market of the books are women, hence a tote bag is given.

Secondly, ensure that there is ample branding space on your promo gift. As with this case there is sufficient space on the body of the tote bag to print a clear logo.

Lastly, market the gift well and enjoy the fruits of your labour!