Times Bookstores is currently offering a gift with purchase. This promotion is available from 1 March 2013 to 31 March 2013 and it is offered at all Times Bookstores in Singapore. Simply purchase any of the CROSS new Slim Century Rollerball Pens and Fountain Pens and the pen pouch would be yours! So what are you waiting for? Hurry down to any Times bookstores and grab yours now! While stocks last!

Gift with Purchase by Times Bookstores-Pen Pouch

Gift with Purchase by Times Bookstores-Pen Pouch

Times Bookstores is the retail arm of Times Publishing Limited.

Times bookstores has a chain of retail outlets throughout Singapore and Malaysia. It offers readers of all ages and interests a wide and exciting variety of books from children’s to lifestyle and non-fiction.

In travel retailing, they operate the largest book chain at Singapore International Changi Airport under the brand Times Travel.

Why did Times Bookstores make use of this pen pouch as a gift with purchase?

This pen pouch complements the CROSS new slim century rollerball pens and fountain pens very well. These pens are of a higher value as compared to the typical pens that you can get at any bookstore. With such pens, one would usually take extra care not to drop or scratch it as they are more expensive than the average, everyday pens.

This is when the pen pouch comes in handy. A pen pouch helps to protect the pen from getting scratch and minimize the impact it has on the pen if one accidentally drops it. With this pen pouch as a gift with purchase, you would not have to worry about damaging your pens anymore!

How can this pen pouch help to increase sales for Times Bookstores?

Having a useful and functional promotional gift is essential for every company that aims to execute an effective marketing plan. Times Bookstores can emboss their brand name on the pen pouch to aid in brand recall. Each time the customer uses the pen pouch to store their pen, they would see Times’ brand name. This would serve as a constant reminder to them that the pen pouch came from Times Bookstores.

Existing customers would be tempted to make repeated purchases from Times Bookstores in order to receive the pen pouch. This helps to foster brand loyalty which would guarantee future sales from regular customers.  All in all, Times Bookstores would be able to generate more profits in the long run.