One of the key elements in marketing should always be introducing not popular promotional products that will surprise our customers and make us unique in our market. This is where OEM projects play a huge part, as we can can create personalized products compared to the standard ones we normally get. In this occasion, we are going to speak about mugs.

Most of the time when people purchase mugs in huge quantities they normally choose the standard mugs with a colour logo. This is fine to a certain point. However, if we introduce the brand in a graphical way we could earn more value to the products we want to acquire. For instance, below we can see a promotional OEM mug which could be great for a football team:

Marketing Idea: Personalized Designed Mugs

Marketing Idea: Personalized Designed Mugs

How does this marketing idea help a brand expand and add higher values to its products?

Well, very frequently we want to introduce promotional products that stand out of the box and provide a clearer image of the kind of products we want to sell out. In this case, the mug is specially designed for football clubs where the main objective is to attract new customers and retain existing ones that will mean that the number of fans of a club will increase gradually.

Branded mugs are obviously offered by every single club in the most important leagues in the world. However, the ones that make the different are the ones that are seriously planned. To do this we need to spend time thinking what can we do to make the difference. OEM projects normally involve customized designed products that can be the solution we are looking for in a marketing campaign.

This mug clearly stands out and differs from a normal standard mug that we will use. The level of creativity of this kind of products will help us gain more customers and thus major profits. Marketing will always be key to the success of a business, thus we need to get the most out of it.