We were at the Watch & Clock Fair earlier this week and this Moo Box was one of the most outstanding attention grabbing souvenirs we received! The first thing we noticed about this product was the strange sound it made. Flip it upside down and be ready to hear the sound of cows! You don’t usually see a promo gift like this given out very often. When you do, it sticks in your mind for a long time.

Massive Attention Grabber - Moo Box

Massive Attention Grabber – Moo Box

Boost brand visibility with this Moo Box!

The great thing about this Moo Box is that is has a reasonably large space for advertising. With that, the brand name and logo will be made much more visible when people turn to look at where that sound is coming from. That way, it would definitely increase brand awareness and visibility drastically as they will be intrigued by the cool product and will want to find out more about it.

Moo Box

Moo Box

This marketing gift would be great if you are in the cheese or milk industry. The sound of a cow moo-ing is definitely relatable to that industry and if seen in the supermarket it would be something that catches the attention of children  The moment a child sees this exciting gift they would force their parents to buy it.

Children have the power of persuading their parents to get whatever they want, and more often than not, they usually get what they want. The child then grows to be emotionally attached to the moo box due to its ease of lugging around. This allows the brand to be visible everywhere the child goes. Thus, increasing brand awareness and brand recall.

However, this product does not have much utility value and is purely ornamental after its purchase. Most people would simple leave the moo box at home or simply in their office cubicles as a mean of entertainment during slow work days.

If you want to catch a glimpse of how it works, just watch our Youtube video below :