This branded cheesekeeper has recently been launched as gift with purchase by Eden, a company that is operating in the very competitive food industry. Companies are always looking for new strategies to improve their products and to satisfy customers expectations. Promotional products are a good way to meet more than just customers expectations.

Branded cheesekeeper as GWP by Eden

Branded cheesekeeper as GWP by Eden

This promotional product, for example, will lead progressively to a bigger sales because it means to help for a increase in the brand recognition. The customer will always prefer a brand that offers a practical promotional product instead of a advertising product which has no use in the every day life of the costumer. This marketing strategy will be spread by your costumers and will be noticed by a lot of different target groups.

Customers will like this branded cheesekeeper for its practicality. It is very useful for keeping the cheese fresher and not smelly in the fridge. With this product, the cheese will be kept for a longer period. This is an important aspect for customers as in some countries, cheese can be a very expensive product.

Moreover, Eden did not limit to this cheesekeeper and had shown great generosity by slipping a grater inside of it. This kind of promotional product is ideal for a picnic or for a meal at work, as the size is also meant to easily bring the product away.

Why should you think about a Branded Cheesekeeper?

  • Brand logo is well placed. The Eden brand will easily catch the attention of the customer, as not only it clearly appears on the top of the box, but also because the colors to highlight the logo, red on white, are wisely chosen.
  • Practicality. Customers will enjoy using this promotional product at home as well as for a meal away. The brand awareness will also gain an increase as this product will get noticed by a lot of people of different target groups, when taking this product to work or picnic.

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