The Danish supermarket chain, Netto is making a joint promotion with the theme park BonBon-Land where customers can come to the Netto shops to get their tickets and save money on each ticket they purchase.

When planning a promotion, you should think about the best way to create brand recall for your business. Using cheap tickets like this may be good to drive sales, however when it’s over, it’s over; nobody will remember this promotion anymore.

Bon Bon Tickets

Bon Bon Tickets

ODM recommends you to use promotional products for branding your business. In this case give your customers a promotional product along with the tickets such as a plush, key hanger, treasure box, toys or something that is matching with the theme of Bonbon-Land.

We have some suggestions of how to market your business with promotional items that will keep the brand recall and lead your customers back to your products, look at the following posts to get an idea of how to do this.

Using this type of promotions instead will surely increase brand awareness and brand recall. What do you think?