Americans celebrate National Grandparents Day every first Sunday after Labour Day in the United States of America every year.  A lot of people around the world take this day as an opportunity to thank their Grandparents for all of their efforts.  Also, companies and most brands increase their revenue by taking advantage of this season. One of the most efficient promotional products that are fit for this occasion are custom photo frames.

Custom Photo Frames

These bespoke photo frames keep track of all the happy times spent as a family. Don’t let your favorite memories be forgotten. Remember all of the special moments you share with family and loved ones. Displaying your happy photos in custom photo frames make you want to go back in time and relive those joyous moments. Whether you’re decorating your office or home, you’ll always appreciate a simple yet memorable gift such as these custom photo frames. Therefore, photo frames make an excellent custom promotional merchandise during this season.

Grandparents Day Promotions - Custom Photo Frames

Where can we use these custom photo frames as a marketing item?

Marketing experts use custom photo frames on almost any promotional campaign. Below are some of the best campaigns for these items.

  • Branded Gift with Purchase – Yes, these items are perfect as gifts with purchase. You can either include this in your photo studio promotion or probably part of your on pack promos.
  • Custom Giveaways on events or trade shows – People will storm your booth if you’ll hand out this promo item at events. They’ll surely love the idea of getting something useful. This will be perfect for grandparents’ day events.

In conclusion, we all adore our grandparents and getting these photo frames from brands leave an everlasting impression to us, consumers. We highly recommend using photo frames in one of your marketing campaigns soon.

If this interests you, feel free to contact our ODM team. They are always available to answer your marketing and manufacturing queries.

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