Before we dive deeper into learning more about the gold standard Disney factory audit, here is a case study from Hong Kong. Offering redemption points is an effective way to increase your sales and show appreciation to your customers. This can be done by offering limited edition merchandise, which is what Hong Kong Supermarket chain Wellcome is doing. The company has a new exclusive “Disney Pixar Summer Fun Plush and Houseware Series” GWP (Gift with Purchase) campaign.

Disney Factory Audit

 Disney Factory Audit: Toasters, Stamps and More……..

Customers can collect 1 Happy Stamp with every $60 purchase and earn double Happy Stamps for purchases of $350 or above during the weekends. They can then redeem their stamps to take a full set of 8 plushies home! Alternatively, customers can choose items from the Houseware series. These items are all produced in Disney audited factories.

Disney Factory Audit

Disney Factory Audit: Toasters, Stamps and More……..

There are many different promotional items to choose from. For example:

Custom Water Bottles: People use water bottles all the time. Not only are they convenient and eco-friendly, they are cheaper than regularly buying bottled water.

Vaccum Food Jar: This is a very sturdy and practical product for storing food. It also comes with a lid. Using re-usable products is also good for the environment.

Toaster: This item is our favourite! It is a novelty product that produces a Woody Star badge and Bo Peep Bow patterns on toast. It is charming and practical.

Promo Plush Toys: These are suitable for children and kids at heart who love Disney


Each item features famous Disney characters such as Woody, Finding Nemo, Buzz Lightyear and Lightning McQueen. The items are a mix of charm and practicality and appeal to children and kids at heart.


Disney Factory Audit

Disney Factory Audit: Toasters, Stamps and More……..

Now, let’s talk more about factory audits. There have been many cases of suppliers failing to pass the factory audit and missing opportunities with big companies. Other than product quality and price, factory audit has become an essential factor in business. Selecting the right supplier for your company can be a difficult task. An example of a highly valued factory audit is the Disney Factory Audit.

Disney Factory Audit Explained

Disney has a growing number of manufacturers in China and throughout Asia. In order to better manage these suppliers, they require a factory audit. The supplier can only obtain the order upon successful passing of the inspection. At Disney, they are committed to ensuring ethical and responsible conduct in all operations, respecting the rights of individuals, respecting the environment and a maintaining a standard of excellence in every aspect of their business in every corner of the world.

For many of us, Disney was a staple part of our childhood. Thus, all major industries involved in Disney have been widely commended by customers. Choosing a Disney Factory Audit makes it easy to search for and manage many suppliers.

Disney strictly prohibits child labor and involuntary labor. It also does not tolerate coercion, harassment and discrimination. In addition, employees will be provided with a safe and healthy workplace that complies with all the required laws and regulations.

Benefits of Disney Factory Audits

  • Protection of the Environment: Auditors can check if factories comply with existing local laws including environmental regulations.
  • Enhanced Business Image: Suppliers can prove that they treat their workers fairly and take good care of their well-being and safety. This presents to others a professional and good business image.
  • Protection of Well-Being of Factory Workers: This ensures that the work environment is safe and free from hazards. It also ensures that workers are compensated fairly and receive benefits.
  • Brand Security: With Disney being a reputable brand, it means that products have passed the human rights, safety, and quality guarantees. Thus, they are safe to be sold to all parts of the world.
  • Improve Work Efficiency: The factory audit limits the output and working hours of the factory which strictly guarantees working efficiency.

We Can Help with a Disney Factory Audit…

Here at ODM, we offer factory audits and our team of inspectors can arrange factory visits and prepare a report. To find out more information, feel free to contact us. We work closely with factories so that you can be assured that the products will be made according to your requirements. Contact us and we will be happy to help you with your marketing journey!


Disney Factory Audit: Toasters, Stamps and More

Disney Factory Audit: Toasters, Stamps and More……..

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