Duck tours are an exciting way to travel around tourist attractions.  Duck Tour operators mainly use amphibious vehicles to pick up passengers in the city center or at hotels and bring them on sight seeing tours covering sights both on land and water.

The bus is high off the ground and can be open topped which is great for summer trips.   Getting a chance to see cities and attractions from the water and land add a lot of excitement for tourists, many of whom are not used to amphibious vehicles.

Some Promotional Products we recommend to Duck tour companies….

The “First” duck tour started in 1946 in Milwaukee by Mel Flath. Duck tours use modified DUKWs or modern amphibious buses which are generally painted in bright colours and outfitted with humourous and lively themes.Duck Tour sight seeing promotional products

Link to major Duck Tours

DUKWs are also used for other purposes… One such use can be seen by the Seafair Pirates for their fund raising – click Here for more.

Any other Ducw Tours to include in our listing…..