McDonalds is the promotional product King in Hong Kong.   They introduce new promotions every few months and the public follow these promotions, especially the collectible plush promos, with what can only be described as a frenzy. 
Recently their promotions have focused on giveaways of Coca Cola Contour Glasses free with each Menu purchase.   The Contoured glass is also an eco-friendly product  – material used is BPA free and paper packaging which can be recycled.
Point of Sales Display
Drinking glasses are a great giveaway since the value is tangible.   However, even Mc Donalds struggled with logistics as can be seen here with unsightly boxes stacked in some restaurants.   Delivery mechanism here would be better suited to smaller size gifts, but I think the value of the gift wins out here to make this a great promotional campaign.
Shipment Samples
The ergonomic glasses and contouring packaging allow extra branding, more space for printing of branding and messages.  The open sides make it easier for viewing of product and choosing your colour.   ODM can assist customers to plan and customize giveaways in any shape with their branding and ensure that the products are BPA free as well as pass FDA or other standards.
Promotional Cup Promotional Cup Promotional Cup