For Ingrid Millet USA’s 50th anniversary, the company is celebrating by offering free gifts with purchase on their cosmetic products.

Primarily the company is offering two facial creams at a reduced price of $490.  However on top of this the company gives a free gift with purchase of a jewelry box and a bracelet.

High End Promotional Products

This type of promotional tool is interesting because of the obvious difference in target audiences compared to most gift with purchase promotions. A good example to compare against is our last blog from Fragrance Direct.

Straight away with this campaign we notice the difference of price for the products themselves. If FragranceDirect were to market two similar products at ‘Only $490’  consumers would not even consult the products because they do not see $490 as an acceptable price for two products. However in comparison, Ingrid Millet USA markets this as one of the main selling points of the advert, this demonstrates the obvious financial differences between the two.

Secondly we see the difference between the gifts; Ingrid Millet USA offers a Jewelry Box and a Bracelet, while FragranceDirect offers a messenger bag.

These gifts are two very different high end promotional products. On the one hand, Lacoste is seen as a top range product on the high street, therefore is given a top range gift related to the high street standard. In this case a messenger bag is deemed high end enough due to the cost of Lacoste messenger bags on the High Street in comparison to the products.

In a different league is Ingrid Millet USA, where a Jewelry Box and a Bracelet are deemed as high end products, more than likely costing more than the Lacoste perfume and free gift combined.  However like the Lacoste campaign these are deemed high end enough for the audience Ingrid Millet USA markets.

This is evident in the second promotional offer that Ingrid Millet USA is offering – when a consumer purchases three products they get a free gift with purchase.   They are offering an umbrella which they value at US$85.

When looking at what type of high end promotional products should be included in your own free gift with purchase campaign pay close attention to how customers perceive the value..

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