Ferrero, a worldwide successful company in the sweets industry, started a promo campaign in relation to the Ice Age 4 movie in Germany.

Orange Cool Box

If you prefer the blue color, you can choose the following item because the cool box is available in two different colors:

Unique Promo Product

Search for your collecting points on the Kinder Pingui, Maxi King, Milchschnitte and Chocofresh packaging. If you managed to collect eleven of them, glue them on the special scrapbook which you can get from the big product packaging or you may download it on the webpage. Send your scrapbook to the given address and choose either the blue or orange color and the cool box inclusive of a thermal pack will be yours.

This specially designed cool box is really unique and will surely attract the customer’s attention. As a result, the promotional product will catch the people’s eyes and will be silhouetted against standard marketing campaigns. Brand awareness and sales will increase which are the most important goals when running a promo campaign.

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Just a few words to our German speakers:

Die Kühlbox mit dem einzigartigen Ice Age 4 Design ist durch ihre auffallende Art sehr ansprechend. Dieser Werbeartikel eignet sich gut, um von anderen Werbeaktionen herauszustechen und sich somit vom Standard abzuheben. Ist dies einmal geschehen, wird das Markenbewusstsein gestärkt, was ein wichtiges Ziel einer Werbekampagne sein kann.