Customers across Tesco stores in Ireland were given the chance to collect colourful fruit and vegetable plush toy characters from The Goodness Gang range at a substantial discount. Customers purchased the toys for children in their families, at a price of 3 euros, when they spent 10 euros at Tesco on fresh fruit or vegetables.

Tesco Ireland encourages healthy eating with the Goodness Gang

Gift with purchase at Tesco - Custom plush

Gift with purchase at Tesco – Custom plush

If you struggle to get your kids to enjoy their fruit and vegetables, why not make things a bit more fun by introducing them to some fruit & veg friends! There are eight plush toys to collect in the Goodness Gang range – pear, carrot, banana, aubergine, strawberry, broccoli, garlic and cherries characters. To encourage the kids to explore the world of fruit and vegetables, Tesco is also running an in-store competition now to win a member of the Goodness Gang. Simply pick up a word search form in Tesco Extra Drogheda, follow the clues in store to crack the code, and pop your entry form into the special Goodness Gang competition box in store.


Benefits of this plush programme

This healthy eating programme aimed at families across the country. In fact, the incentive offered customers collectable plush toys to encourage children to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. It is a fun marketing initiative to engage families and children, after a really successful, and similar, programme in Italy. This strategy  boosted customer loyalty, by tapping into consumer demand for entertaining and engaging collection programmes. It is a positive family-based initiative which not only rewards customers, but also makes buying fruit and vegetables more enjoyable. The programme is proving popular with customers, the aim is to reward and engage customers.


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