Watsons, one of Malaysia’s leading drugstore retailers, is encouraging customers to visit their online store. They are offering a free gym ball as a gift with purchase (GWP), for online shoppers. This promotion is available with a purchase of RM150 & above on any participating brands.

GWP Gym Ball

GWP gym ball promotion- Watsons

How can buying behavior be shaped through GWP marketing?

Companies may face some challenges when introducing a new product or changes to their business. How do you encourage customers in using relatively new purchase platform, such as online shopping? You can incorporate freebies or gift with purchase to drive consumers to your website. Customers will be persuaded to buy online when given an incentive to do so. Once customers are satisfied with their shopping experience, you will benefit in the form of repeated purchases.

Why use a GWP gym ball in your promotional campaign?

The gym ball has the fantastic qualities of being both easy to produce and inexpensive for your campaign. You can obtain this promotional item in a short period of time. In addition, the gym ball can be customized with different colors to match your company’s theme. The PVC material of the ball can be pantone matched. As seen from the Watsons example, the company is targeting audience with a health conscious lifestyle. The gym ball is ideal for companies promoting health related products.

For branding purpose, you can utilize the large surface area of the ball in printing your company’s logo. The increased visibility of your logo will heightened brand exposure, thus, leading to greater brand awareness.

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