Jasons is having a giveaway with candy clutches. Simply spend HKD$388 at Jasons and get a free candy clutch. A new design every week, it serves several different purposes – clutch, jewelry box or simply to store all those Chinese New Year goodies. Read on more to find out why you should also include a clutch in your giveaway.

Grab your hands on Jasons Candy Clutch Giveaway

Grab your hands on Jasons Candy Clutch Giveaway

Why a clutch for a giveaway?

Clutches are extremely common and are must-have accessories for most females these days. Thus, by providing free clutches with purchase, you are giving your female customers what they need. There will never be too many accessories for females. Practicality is an important trait of the giveaway, as the more your customers use your product, the better you are promoting yourself. Your customers, who benefit from your giveaway, generally tend to remember your products and brand better than other brands. Thus, increasing customer loyalty.

Not only so, Jasons is clever in promoting their giveaway by having a different giveaway each week. 3 different designs for 3 weeks; this creates a hype within the customers as they would be interested to collect them. Also, by giving your customers a choice to choose the gifts, they are more likely to want them. For example, if the customer wants the design that is only available from 24th to 30th January, they would plan to shop during that period and they would definitely spend more than the minimum amount to receive the clutch.

Other giveaway alternatives:

What type of clutch for your giveaway?

If you are really considering including clutches as your giveaway, there are also many other variations to look into. Clutches are suitable for almost every event; from going out with friends to dates, formal dinners and parties, different clutches are suitable for different events.

Firstly, consider the demographics of your customers. You definitely need more female customers than male customers. As much as everyone can use a clutch, ladies are more in need of clutches, as they need something to store all their belongings.

Secondly, decide what you want your giveaway to be for and when do you want your customers to use it. Do you want your customers to use them on a daily basis? If yes, you can think about a very casual clutch, perhaps with bright funky colors and design in silicon or plastic. If you want your customers to use the clutch on dates, consider a more romantic color like maroon, pink, lavender or blue.

If you are thinking about a high-end clutch, then you should definitely invest in a high quality product. An elegant clutch usually would cost more with better material and better quality. However, it also has a high return as the customers are showing off your giveaway at high society events. Lastly, a party clutch would have more funky accessories and loud designs for the customers to be the limelight of the party.

Lastly, understand the purpose of the clutch. This would determine the size of your giveaway. Clutches range from a tiny size to a larger size, depending on the things it can contain. Do you want your customers to use the clutch for simple daily purpose like having keys, coins and some cash inside? Or do you want the clutch to have a larger purpose like keeping the make up, tissue, wallet and phone too?

The most you understand the purpose of your giveaway and how your customers could benefit from it, the more you can better craft your giveaway to suit the needs of your customers. It is not just a giveaway to increase sales, it is about providing for your customers to establish good relationships with them.

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