Abalone a high quality delicacy found throughout in the world. We found this great abalone on pack promo in a supermarket in Hong Kong.


High quality on pack promo

On pack promo for Abalone

On pack promo for Abalone

Abalone in Asia is valued as a high quality luxury food, especially in China. The company selling this abalone offered an on pack promo to increase the value of the product. Even with high quality and high value products it is still important to add value wherever possible to drive sales. While a high value product isn’t often an impulse buy and adding a gift won’t sway consumers decision making much, high value products must still differentiate themselves from other brands in the market. The abalone company clearly understands this.

 What makes an on pack promo suitable?

It is crucial when considering an on pack promo to decide upon a suitable item to add value to the product. Obviously the most suitable product is one that can be used with the original product, specifically one that is completely neccessary in order to use it. This can be seen best in the many on pack promos that instant noodles companies do when they include bowls with their noodle packs. In this example the abalone company has included a tray, this enables the user to display their products in a nice tray display. A high quality addition to any dinner party.


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