Here in the supermarket in Hong Kong, White Wings can be seen running their new promotional offer. They’re offering an on pack promo of a silicone pancake mould with the purchase of their pancake mix, Panjacks.


Finding the correct on pack promo item

A utensil makes a great on pack promo for food items

A utensil makes a great on pack promo for food items

When a company wants to run an on pack promo with their items they should first of all consider what products would be most suitable for the promotion. In this case, White Wings is a food company and therefore a utensil makes for a brilliant on pack promo item. By offering something that goes directly hand in hand with their product they’re adding true value to the buying experience of the consumer. When a customer looks at the shelf and sees both White Wings Panjack mix and another brand pancake mix, they’re going to feel strongly drawn towards buying the White Wings mix. Often even if the price is slightly higher. Then obviously whenever they use the item there’s the subtle reminder of when they bought it.


Why is this silicone utensil an effective on pack promo item?

For this item, Panjacks, this silicone utensil is a great on pack promo as it would clearly make making the perfect sized pancake with an acurate thickness even easier. Consumers love gadgets these days, especially ones that make their tasks even easier. With this silicone heart shaped pancake mould, Valentines day and other romantic breakfast occasions have just been made even easier too.


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