Promotional pedometer for sports enthusiasts

A pedometer is a device often worn on the belt to measure the number of steps taken by a wearer. This allows the distance travelled by foot (running or walking) to be measured in standard terms such as kilometers/miles.

Users can then benchmark performances as they work out.  In exercise motivation is often needed to push individuals to continue their regimen or increase the intensity of training.   Your company can give out Promo Pedometers and be seen as an enabler for fitness and healthy lifestyles.

Pedometers can be customized in terms of design and added function, such as a pig shaped pedometers or apple shaped ones above.   How about adding an in built radio or LED lights for example.

This provides great utility for consumers, making it an exellent promotional product as either an on-pack gift with sports items or promotional products for sporting events.  Food companies can give these away with healthy foods to promote lifestyles.

In addition, promoters who choose to use to pedometer also gain the potential benefit of advertising and marketing as logos or words can be printed on the pedometer casing. Check out some of our other sports themed blogs: