A Post It note dispenser is a simple product that can be used for on-pack gifts or in-pack promotions. Given away by Ricoh, this product is a great way to advertise and expand on brand awareness. Also, who wouldn’t want complimentary post it notes?


Designed in a shape similar to one of their printers, with a size of 8cm X 6.5cm X 6.5cm, the notes will be dispensed as though the printer is printing. Colour of the post it notes can be customised together with the design and the shape of the dispenser according to your preference.

One suggestion for a better promotion if for the company to imprint their name/logo/message on the memo notes for easy for consumer to forget where they got the post it notes from customer recall.

Another good option along this product line is to use this memo pen with page markers.  Great for trade fairs.