These star projectors emit rainbow colored stars on your ceilings while producing relaxing sounds.  Whilst 2 types of the star projector are available, companies who want to spend a little time can use this concept and the mould to create more unique custom products.

First model is a star projector with sound and clock functions. The digital clock displays the time, date and temperature of the surrounding environment. The clock comes with an alarm with 10 different varieties of sound.    Instead of projecting stars, a company’s logo or design can be incorporated on top to create a unique look.

Similar to the Starry Clock, this Hi-fi sound system has an inbuilt stereo to play music from a computer.   Apart from its natural sounds, seasonal changes can be made to it – such as the Christmas version, where Christmas Carols are played.   Customise the sound to a slogan or a catch phrase – maybe even a corporate song or jingle.  Link these up to themes or events such as Halloween or World Cup promos, etc…

Customizable keyring torches are a lower budget method to project your logo with light. Mascots, logos and messages can be inserted to project logos in different colours.   There are a number of ways to customise this with lasers or LED lighting depending on the order quantity, budget, desired effect and distance.

For big events large Logo projectors can be used to display logos at a distance/large size to create atmosphere and prominently display logos for big crowds. ODM can also supply smoke machines, photo booths, and other items to create a buzz around your logo..