Need fashionable promotional gear for your next marketing campaign? Want something different and noticeable? Here at ODM, we recommend using custom made promotional clothing suspenders.

Promotional clothing suspenders are great for any marketing campaign and can really be utilised in client facing industries. Drinks companies, law firms and sales offices are all examples where promotional clothing suspenders could be used to make that first impressions count.

Promotional Drinks Event?

For example, combined with collectible pins suspenders certainly can be a great look for bar tenders. They can also be redesigned to carry a wide range of bar tools like bottle openers, pens, notepad etc.  So if your a bar, restaurant or drinks company looking for a promotional set to impress? We recommend using:

  • Suspenders 
    Bar Suspenders
  • Badges
  • Bottle Opener
  • Bar Mats

Looking to Impress?

Suspenders can also be customised with different patterns and custom logos which used alongside the flexible straps and tailor-made lengths can be used to target any age group and body size. A vibrant and edgy design can be used to appeal to a younger audience or stylish and rich design to impress senior partners.

For example, this leather suspender makes a perfect addition to our promotions set to impress high level clients:

  • Leather suspenders

Leather Suspenders


  • Leather watch case picture

Watch Roll

  • Custom cuff links
  • Hip flask gift set

The Customised Features include:

  • A well-situated position for your personal logo on the Buckle
  • Adjustable length perfecting for targeting different body sizes
  • Whichever colour or pattern needed to fit your campaign
  • Material which could include woven cloth or leather
  • X or Y shaped from the back
  • Pockets/Accessories attched to your needs

You can also choose the style of printing for your suspenders – silk-screenheat transfer and digital printing. ODM can also make functional suspenders for professionals and more.

Formal events, Working & Casual

Promotional Clothing Suspender Promotional Clothing Suspender Promotional Clothing Suspender

Leather Ends – Clip end – Button End –

Promotional Clothing Suspender Promotional Clothing Suspender Promotional Clothing Suspender


  • Light but strong webbing.  Most acceptable for use under or with sports jacket or suit

Specialty – Trucker, Ergonomic safety, Tool Belt, Cinch-Up, 8 Point X Back

  • With different sizes, material and combination to form a suspenders that suit your special requirements

Promotional Clothing SuspendersPromotional Clothing SuspendersPromotional Clothing Suspenders

Promotional Clothing Suspenders Have Healthy Benefits?

Suspenders help to improve your posture!   When pressure is applied to the shoulders by the straps and it will naturally stimulate the body to straighten and balance itself.

Test it out!

  • Draw a line approximately 6inches (15cm) away from the wall 
  • Face your body away from the wall and place your heels on the line drawn
  • Stand normally and use a measuring tape/ruler to measure the distance between the wall and the top of your shoulder
  • Put on a pair of suspenders and adjust it taut enough so that there is a gentle pressure on the shoulders
  • Repeat step 2 & 3
  • ½ inch to 2 inches less distance from the shoulder to the wall in the 2nd measurement (Varies with original standing position)
  • You will notice that the suspender wearer’s back will be straighter than the non-wearer.

This makes it a perfect product to add to your health and safety promotional events. Whether your selling orthopaedic chairs or blood pressure socks, suspends would be a welcome bonus to any promotional event. Contact us if you need experience and expertise on designing, manufacturing and shipping products for your promotional campaign. 

Let us know if you need any brainstorming for original and unique products for promotional clothing & wearables T-shirts, hats, sunglasses, footwear, wristbands, bracelet, polo-Tees, belts, socks.