The ODM office in HK is near the bathroom equiment shops and every day ODM team pass by seeing a wide variety of of products. What kind of promotional items would be the most suitable for this business?

One item we have for instance are tap and sink paperclip holders. They are not particularly glamorous but are a lot of fun.  The bottom part of the sink (holder) is in clean white plastic but this can be customised with silk screen logos and different colours.    The metal parts for the taps are magnetised allowing the paper clips to be hung in place.

Maybe more bold, think about those customizing cufflinks and prove that you know about style and fashion!  It is perfect with purchase for clients or a simple item to give to employees / wholesalers. It is useful, esthetic and in the meantime it illustrates the sense of humor of your company.

Finally, how about this salt and pepper set – an excellent gift with purchase for your customers. Used in daily life, this promotional item becomes an indispensable object during intimate family diners.

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