The legal firm,, recently ran a promotional campaign, in which they gave away promotional summer gifts to all of their new clients.

Sidley Austin offers Promotional Summer Gifts

Sidley Austin offers Promotional Summer Gifts

In this campaign, gave away an array of promotional summer gifts, including a cap, a Frisbee, a towel and a bag. Together, they create an ideal summer package, that can be conveniently carried in the branded bag.

As all the products are so clearly branded, with a large logo on each, they’re definitely aiming to increase brand exposure. This, coupled with a fact that all of the products are likely to be used in public, on the beach, makes it an almost guaranteed method of doing so. They likely chose these particular gifts as the bag and hat will likely be worn in public, the towel will most likely be used both on the beach and in the future, and the Frisbee will be played with on the beach. So this will definitely spread awareness of the company.

All of the promotional summer gifts in this campaign are also inexpensive, which means it’s a campaign that can be run on a tight budget, but still produce dramatic results. All the gifts can be easily customized to match your companies color theme. Customization is also an opportunity to take advantage of the large, flat branding areas. So you can print your logo and information about your company, to ensure maximum exposure. As it will only require simple printing, there will be minimal set up costs.

The promotional summer gift pack also added an extra incentive for new clients to use Sidley Austin over other, similar firms.

Be sure to contact ODM to learn more about promotional products, and how they can benefit your company. Our in-house design team, Mindsparkz, can also help you come up with new and unique ideas for your promotional campaign.