This very interesting promotion from Russia, is held by the recognized brand Puma in all Rive Gauche outlets.

Simply purchase any Puma perfume (50 ml or more) and get a free shower radio! An amazing promotional gift, indeed. It is widely known that if you have a nice morning, it sets the tone for the rest of the day, so why not brighten things up a bit with this amazing shower radio!

Russian GWP Promotion – Shower Radio by Puma

Puma has adopted a great marketing strategy to win over customers and drive sales. A shower radio seems to be quite a nice addition to bath accessories!

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This gift with purchase promotion in a nut shell for our Russian readers:

Компания Puma проявляет необычайную щедрость в рамках своей новой промо-кампании: приобретая любой аромат этой марки объемом от 50 мл и более, Вы получаете радио для душа совершенно бесплатно! Данная акция отлично сработает на улучшение характеристик бренда и повышение лояльности покупателей.