ODM followed the Social & Digital Marketing conference on Twitter, using IFTTT to save all the tweets that included the events main hash tag – #SMWF.

Whilst ODM is not a digital marketing agency, we work with marketing agencies to coordinate promotions and specials using a wide range of services.   Most notably, our Mindsparkz design team helps design Online Advertising Banners.  Also, our Product Development team send out mailers and other offline promotional products to mirror digital trends.

Tracking the Digital Marketing Conference on Twitter #SMWF

In this age, social media & digital marketing in general are a key aspect in a companies success. Visiting a conference based around marketing, such as the #SMWF will not only provide you invaluable knowledge. It will also help to get your company and social media names out there – especially if you put an effort into networking. In the image below you can see the top 25 people on twitter during the conference are listed below in order. These are the marketing leaders who took the opportunity to spread the word of the conference & network – which will draw attention to them.

Social and Digital Marketing Conference - #SMWF Europe

Social and Digital Marketing Conference – #SMWF Europe

ODM also tracked the words that were used most commonly throughout the event, as you can see in the word cloud below. You can clearly see that it’s primarily social media based words are very popular. RT (ReTweet), Social and SMWF  are featured strongly. This suggests that marketing leaders at the event were attempting to spread the words of the conference, as well as helping others by ReTweeting regularly.

Social and Digital Marketing Conference - #SMWF Europe

Social and Digital Marketing Conference – #SMWF Europe

The Social & Digital Marketing (#SMWF) conference is a discussion by professionals giving top-level strategic advice and digital marketing insight on the constantly evolving market.

Taking place at the London’s Vinopolis on June 8-9, the event  included keynote speakers from Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola and American Express. Participants will be exposed to insights on  how to “engage customers, manage brand perceptions, empower employees and open untapped audiences through diverse media channels”. The speakers at the event will be carefully vetted to ensure they only provide new, unique content, to provide only the most recent and efficient expertise in the world of social media.

One of the main agendas of the conference was analyzing case studies and learning how to overcome the challenges that many companies face. There’s also a debate session for participants and speakers in discussing controversial topics.

Whilst this is a digital and social marketing conference, we were happy as always to see a strong showing of promotional products at sponsors booths.   There were power banks and other giveaways aplenty. Which ones were your favourites?  We’d love to hear your overall thoughts on this years Social & Digital Marketing Conference #SMWF.

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