This blog will focus on how promotional products can be utilized in branding.   SPAR UK gives us a perfect example of how promotional products can give your brand positive association.

SPAR recently released a campaign whereby they are giving away free school sports day kits for schools. These kits include:

  • Two posters
  • Four sets of 36 bibs
  • Finishing tape
  • Stickers for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place competitors
  • CD with artwork including certificates.

 The company is giving away 2,500 of these kits to schools in their catchment areas.

Promotional products can help positive association

These kind of promotional free gifts to communities show good will by the company and consumers start to perceive the company positively.   The company is giving something back to their community and even though the cost of the project is small, it is the thought that counts.

Positive association and branding

Once the company builds positive association with consumers, inevitably consumers will start to purchase from them.  Promotional products like these are beneficial to the company and the community where their shoppers and employees live, not to mention it looks good on your CSR report.

A promotional campaign similar to this could be a ‘clothe the homeless’ whereby your company gives out branded sleeping bags/blankets, this kind of promotion can help boost positive association and possibly, sales.

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