In July the promotion blog released an annual look at how promotional marketing had shaped up in 2011.

This was taken from 84 promotions from their sister blog Promowatch. They summarized their information on a pie chart, which gives Marketeers fascinating results for analysing the market for promotional gifts.

Promotional Techniques

Evident in the pie chart, Gift with Purchase has quite a significant share (10%), much the same as 2010.  However this is not the only mechanism that utilizes promotional products.

Prize draws have been used for years to promote branded gifts, often giving thousands away under the star prizes of cars and holidays.

Secondly instant wins (or sweepstakes in the USA) get branded promotional gifts to consumers by making them the easiest prizes to win – a very notable example of this is the MacDonald’s Monopoly scratchcards.

At first glance promotional products look like they might be a simple mechanism to drive sales.  However, they are evolving through many different mechanisms every day.  Take new innovations like the Heat Reveal Mechanics for example..

Play with innovative promotional products distribution methods.  Make sure they are original but don’t run the risk of overly complicating them and confusing clients.  Enjoy the process of promoting your brand.

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