Interested customers can enter the SpongeBob Squarepants competition to win 1 of 10 promotional merchandise camping set. Details can be found in the latest issue of the SpongeBob comic. All you have to do is find out which page the special icon is found and send in your answer along with your contact details online. Top 10 winners will be picked at random to receive the SpongeBob Squarepants camping set which comprises of a small children tent and a fold-able camping stool.

Promotional Merchandise

Promotional Merchandise

Why use promotional merchandise in marketing?

Regardless of  whatever platform such competitions are held on, it’s all about creating excitement and interaction for the readers. Hosting competitions or offering promotional merchandise gives people the incentive for them to take part or purchase something. People that win or receive a free product are more likely to become more loyal to the brand. This is why promotional merchandise are so popular among marketing managers. In the case of SpongeBob Squarepants magazine, the competition is a form of incentive for people to purchase their magazine or access their webpage, thus getting to know more about them.

More than just brand exposure.

Most promotional merchandise campaigns are all about increasing sales and creating brand awareness. Competitions that offer prize giveaways have a different marketing approach in mind. They are more inclined towards creating that one time hype rather than lasting relationships. Social media is also a powerful tool in marketing or promoting any upcoming events. For example, many companies are making use of Facebook  and Twitter because it is a great way to generate online traffic and gather ‘followers’ and ‘likes’ which can help create buzz.


Here are other promotional items that can be won through entering competitions: