Aluminiu Foil Food Bag Promotional Product ODM AsiaWith Christmas around the corner there will be lots of left over food and take aways.  Good time to talk about Aluminium foil bags & packaging.

Fairly simple to manufacture & versatile in design, in terms of shape, colour and accessories. These are made of aluminium and other heat insulating materials like EPE.

Companies can package all kinds of products in this kind of bag and customers can recycle this as a utility packaging product.   The bag is able to keep hot/cold food at correct temperature during transport and display your logo over the holidays making them great promotional products.

Durable and, most importantly reusable, this is a product which strongly promotes Eco-friendliness. Made of non-fabric materials, this allows the bag to be easily washed as stains will be easier to remove. Large surfaces on the bag makes it a good item for branding. Promotional information or logos can be printed to take up the whole bag, making it appeal to the public.

Aluminiu Foil Food Bag Promotional Product ODM Asia

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