The current promotions by Complete & Opti Free in Hong Kong pharmacies raise some interesting questions.

  1. How do you differentiate your product in a competitive environment?
  2. Can you negotiate exclusivity with a licensor for your market segment.
  3. Which of the below On-pack gifts do you prefer?

1. On-pack gifts is a good means to catch the eye of the consumer walking through the store alley of endless similar products. By adding a small gadget to your product, closely or by far related to it, you create a sense of surprise and excitement: your product stands out as unique and with an extra, unexpected advantage. In addition to this, your packaging appears differently with an on-pack gift, occupies more space on the shelf, hence your customers are more prompt to notice you. 

2. Be careful to choose a unique gift with purchase.  If not, your efforts of differentiation will cancel out with your competition.   It is not uncommon for two competing brands to fall into this trap using similar products but there are ways to avoid this..  Negotiate with your licensing agent to get an exclusive on any characters you use for your particular market segment.   In this case it is for contact lens solution – very niche.

3. Complete and Opti-Free both adopted the same licensed character, Winnie the Pooh, for their on-pack gift.  The bright colored, well-known and cute looking bear truly presents the advantage of making your product noticeable, and adds a sentimental value to it, unless your competitor already had the same idea!   For size and perceived value we would probably pick Complete.

Our buying office is here to help you find a unique promotion corresponding to your needs and to your target market.   We give companies the chance to use some of our inventions with exclusivity to create noise in their markets.